Australian Standards Committees

Get involved in Australian Standards, where foundations of our industry are formed. 

As a committee member of Standards Australia, The Australian Fashion Council play a key role in advocating for quality TCF standards. This includes participating in Australian governing bodies, monitoring & providing advice for changes in legislation.

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ISO/TC 38 Standardization

Australia is one of the 28 participating countries on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) technical committee for Textiles - ISO/TC 38. This scope covers:

  • Fibres, yarns, threads, cords, rope, cloth and other fabricated textile materials; and the methods of test, terminology and definitions relating thereto;
  • Textile industry raw materials, auxiliaries and chemical products required for processing and testing;
  • Specifications for textile products.


Australian Standards

Information on Australian standards can be found on the Product Safety Australia website, covering:

  • Mandatory safety standards
  • Mandatory information standards
  • Use of voluntary standards

You can find more information via the links below:

  • Sourcing Safe Products Webinar | Series of presentations identifying why you should source safely, how you can and what happens if you don't.
  • Criteria for accepting international standards - HERE
  • Guidance on safe concentrations of dimethyl fumarate (DMF) in leather and textiles articles, including clothing in direct contact with the human skin - HERE

Information and advice can also be found on the National Retail Association website, including the Children's Apparel and Accessories Product Safety Guidelines - HERE.



Sourcing products that are safe and comply with regulatory and industry standards is more than good business practice. It also means a safer Australian community. 

Information on this topic can be found via Product Safety Australia.



The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is currently calling for stakeholder comment on options to limit consumer exposure to hazardous azo dyes in certain TCF goods.

A consultation regulation impact statement (RIS) has now been developed and is available for stakeholder comment. The draft RIS sets out:

  • the problem that the ACCC is trying to solve
  • why government intervention may be appropriate
  • the options available to limit consumer exposure to hazardous azo dyes
  • the benefits and costs of each option



Whilst some standards are 'preferred' or recommended best practice, there are several Mandatory standards relating to TCF which are concerned with:

See the full list at | Mandatory Standards