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Fashions of Multicultural Australia 2019 | Sydney

Fashions of Multicultural Australia 2019


Fashions of Multicultural Australia (FOMA) is a first-ever national initiative that will integrate cultures, generate trade opportunities, and foster social cohesion through the universally binding industry that is fashion.

In 2019, FOMA will debut with a spectacular multicultural runway showcase, providing audiences with a colourful range of couture, designs, stories, and perspectives from emerging designers from across Australia and the globe. There will also be two FOMA Designer Awards associated with the Runway Showcase that will wrap up the evening.


Additionally, FOMA will present a variety of Cultural Engagement Hubs (Exhibits), where visitors can immerse themselves in the many cultures and historical narratives that define Australia today, from food to fashion.

The Australian Fashion Council is proud to partner with the FOMA platform to highlight the multicultural landscape of Australian fashion and to encourage greater collaboration across our diverse industry.

Cultural Exhibit (free to public) | 12.00PM - 5:00 PM (Meet and Greet with Designers & Cultural Buyer Showcase)

Runway Show (early bird tickets $25) | 5.45PM - 8.00PM