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Student Member Spotlight | Paul Castro

Introducing TFIA Member Paul Castro! Paul is among the first batch of students undertaking the new Masters of Fashion (Design) program at RMIT. With incredible talent and a dedication to sustainable design you need to keep an eye on this one!

Paul Castro is a designer with fashion experience in his native Ecuador, Canada, the Bahamas and, since 2005, in Australia. He has worked all across the industry, including in sportswear, made to measure gowns, and in fast fashion.

Concerned with the devastating impact of the fashion industry on the environment, Paul has devoted his postgraduate research to finding new and more eco-friendly ways to design garments.

Traditional cut and sew techniques waste around 15% of fabric, which ends in landfill. In response, Paul has developed an innovative technique of cutting fabric, called the 'Square Spiral'.

At the other end of the product life-cycle, clothes are discarded too rapidly. In the UK, for example, 10,000 garments go to landfill every 5 minutes! To counter this, Paul is exploring new concepts of beauty, drawing on the emerging science of Evolutionary Aesthetics, to create clothes that are timeless and less subject to trends and fads. His hope is that consumers will retain garments for longer.

Paul knows that, at this stage, his designs are highly conceptual. He plans, however, to develop his ideas into commercial and sustainable designs.

"The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry after oil. It is our responsibility, as designers, not only to change the paradigm of fashion, but also to educate the consumer. Sustainability in fashion should not be a trend, a fad or an option: it should be embedded in all of our designs. It is not an easy task, but every step counts". Paul Castro

The TFIA are excited to see what comes from this talented young designer and look forward to working with him along the way. You can see more from Paul HERE.

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